Thursday, March 2, 2017

Eckhart tolle - New born

Interestingly, this 'other half' that Eckhart refers to I had a more familiar association with since being a child.  I remember being more in tune with that part and the day I discovered my hands and the concept of "I" - that to me seemed quite foreign and this 'other half' was amazed at these earthly identification concepts.  

These videos presented by Eckhart tolle TV are amazing.  His delivery

of this information is very relaxing and 'absorbable' ~ I would highly recommend them if you are in the process of a 'shift' or an intensely difficult time either with your self, others, exterior events or any combination thereof.  

May you all be blessed at this time of accelerated energy embracing all humanity right now.  Awakening and the intent to walk the path of awakening is very challenging.  It indeed is easier to stay asleep with earthly, societal distractions, following the illusion of 'security'.  But sooner or later, awakening is going to be the focus.  

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