Wednesday, September 4, 2013


There are many healing modalities addressing an assortment of issues we humans experience in the striving for physical comfort, emotional balance and living a life of happiness.  In fact, everything we think we want is because we believe we will feel better in the having of it, whether it is a material object, financial wealth or a healthy body.

THE RECONNECTION is the most powerful healing modality I have encountered, and I have experienced many different types in the field of the healing arts.  THE RECONNECTION addresses our innate belief of our separateness from the SOURCE of our being, that which is connected to what some call "God" which in essence is the creative force, the "Great Spirit" and a host of other names in all the religions of the world.

Inherent in our physical/emotional/spiritual bodies are energy channels, also called meridians.  Inherent in the planet are these channels, called the "ley lines" ~ and also inherent in the entire universe are grid lines of energy.
THE RECONNECTION essentially reconnects these meridians of the human body with the planet and the cosmos, resulting in a feeling of balance, grounding and ease.

Some will seek this healing to address a physical ailment, disease or condition which causes physical or emotional pain.  The 'magic' of THE RECONNECTION is that it is a healing of one's RESONANCE and FREQUENCY.  Our thoughts and belief systems that run us emit a frequency and that frequency attracts physical manifestations into our lives, whether good or bad, wanted or unwanted.  That the majority of humans are unaware of what vibration they are emitting, or that their thoughts even emit any vibration at all, is usually why our lives can feel 'out of control' and circumstances "happen" that are unwanted despite putting out strong desires of what IS wanted.

The healing and changes in one's life after reconnecting the physical energies to that of our habitat: the earth and the universe itself, are not always what one expects.  If you are really fortunate, you will experience healing in areas that are completely unexpected!  The love you always wanted to experience can come into your life ~ an inspired idea comes to you with the solid direction on how to proceed with the inspiration ~ your dream life can suddenly start to become your actual life.  Sometimes the results are instant, but the great news is that it also occurs over time.

Those that I have given THE RECONNECTION to have all experienced shifts in their lives and they indeed started to experience living their dream lives, myself included.  In another post, I will share the testimonials from those clients.

Meanwhile, those that are ready for a shift in their life, TRULY ready, will find their way to read this or find themselves at THE RECONNECTION website by Dr. Eric Pearl, who introduced this to the world during this period of time.  It is ancient wisdom, however, and has been re-introduced through Dr. Eric Pearl, who now is the only one to give workshops and seminars that certify practitioners to bestow this healing to others.  I am one of those practitioners.

However, I call myself an 'agent' - because THE RECONNECTION is more than just a healing, it is a journey in life.  A journey that YOU choose to be on.  A journey of awakening and enrichment.  And with all good journeys, one sometimes contacts a travel agent to facilitate the form of travel the adventurer takes to embark on their sojourn.  The fortunate ones in the position to bestow this healing for another experience a remarkable new depth to their own journey every time a session is given.  I am one of those fortunate ones.  My life was always an adventure within, to know TRUTH rather than have a belief system reinforced and validated, and in my life of seeking this experience, THE RECONNECTION has manifested for me.  

I invite you to take the journey, for it is an experience that will expand your being, your soul, your capacity for love, both to give and to receive, and assist you to realize your dreams can BE your life.