Saturday, May 31, 2014


Your Connection to All That Is


We are all connected - you've heard it a million times, in quotes with pretty pictures, in songs, in books, on Facebook every day.  The reminder is everywhere, yet most continue to forget this, and the feeling of separateness, being alone, being lonely, being depressed, feeling powerless....permeates.  


We are all a mixed bag.  We ARE the bag.  We are everything IN the bag.  It's a bag of tricks, and we are the tricks, some are one trick ponies, but we are the entire herd of ponies.  We are THE SPACE in which this bag EXISTS. We are the creator of the bag itself.  When we forget this and get caught up in the play we've created for our expansion.....we suffer.  The play is sometimes a comedy, a drama, a tragedy, a romance, a mystery, a thriller, an action's a mixed bag!!!   


The power of THE RECONNECTION amazes me every day.  This is not a sales pitch for you to contact me for your RECONNECTION healing session.  Quite frankly, I've been very busy working with animals.  My intention has been focused on the cows lately.  As I pass the cattle drivers with their rigs filled with these animals on the roadways, at first I spontaneously burst out crying.  As an empathic with animals (and trees, and children) - I felt them being hauled to slaughter.  Then I felt really grateful that I don't eat these particular forms of consciousness, thereby not participating in the industry.  I won't go into the details about this industry, let's just leave it with my being grateful. I am not here to preach about diets.

After that initial spontaneous emotional combustion, I realized my medicine was better utilized by focusing my intention on lasering in the reconnection healing to every cow I saw, be they in trucks or pastures.  The power intensified every time I gave it away.  My non-physical friends came through me and told me very powerful stuff, starting with, "if we were in your physical shoes......"  (I knew it was Abraham!)  And then Abe's sense of humor kicked in talking about how cool my shoes were in the way those that have heard Abe know their sense of humor to be.  I was amused and in love at the same time. This felt amazing and refreshing and what I wrote above about the mixed bag was all Abraham and I was the conduit and receiver.   I was dialed in to the right frequency and received the direction to just be a reconnection conduit at all times to all beings.  The universe will take care of the fee.


I felt the three pregnant women I know and experienced some first trimester physical symptoms and felt the power of the womb and the Earth Mother and Divine Mother and the beings they are bringing into physical form.  The hawks and crows soared above at various times today and I felt my ancestors and those that walked on the sacred ground upon which I was now driving.  I felt their spirits in pursuit of their dreams, their pain and anguish and their strength to persevere.  I felt the pioneer women, pregnant on the trail and birthing their babies in the blazing middle of nowhere and having to keep going.


They are all still there.  I felt everything.  I became everything, but really, I already AM everything, as are you, and that is how we tap in to their energy fields when we are sensitive to this.  A story came to me fully that wants to be written and it came almost in a flash, the same way I used to write a flash they would come and I'd capture it with a pen and pad and grab my guitar and it would spring forth.  That's how paintings come through, and stories, and babies.  The comings and goings of spirit in and out of physical form.  It was a very powerful medicine day and I am grateful to have traveled between the worlds with some who are coming and one who left today, one I didn't know personally in this bodily lifetime, but through the medicine family, we are kindred.  I didn't even know she existed until tonight when I saw on Facebook that this woman had passed.  Then I knew in an instant, that she was with me, and she gave me her medicine torch to hold and to share with you all in these words.  She wants those who are sad at her departure to rejoice, for she is rejoicing to be free of her body, which hurt more than she let on, and she is soaring as the eagle medicine woman that she is, light as a feather and powerful as the wind that gives the song to the trees that we hear when we are listening.  Bless your life, each and every one.  Those I know, and those I don't know.....all beings.....for we are all together in that bag of tricks!  HO!