Tuesday, June 26, 2018



It's been TOO LONG since I've written in the blog?  WHY??...because I've drifted out of focus, which is a natural human tendency.  So rather than beat myself up over this, I'm learning how to re-direct
the monkey mind and use it to actually come back out of the woods, and get into the world through writing.

I've enlisted in INSANE PRODUCTIVITY, a workshop/seminar/course put together by DARREN HARDY.  It is insanely spot on when in the first of the 12 Modules it explains why we "drift" away from our intentions, goals, working toward our dream lives.  What I thought was a character flaw in my own psyche, turns out to be a basic human trait.....WHEW, how to you spell RELIEF!!!!

There are many self improvement books/seminars, etc. out there, and I've read/attended/listened to my share, but NO ONE addresses our innate tendencies like Darren.  The beauty of this course is Darren doesn't explain these things and leave you there, feeling relieved, he gives the tools, step by step to work WITH these traits and not have them continually sabotage our success.  Many of us think it's what happened in childhood, or something our parents did or didn't do...a host of reasons to mull over...but mulling over them or exploring what it even was doesn't have to be the path one takes to get back on the horse and go full speed ahead and actually REALIZE a dream we had....and how to make that dream be something we do more than dream about.

I realize this sounds like a sales pitch for this program...it isn't.  It's me writing on the day of my AH-HA moment of getting what my true direction is.  It came in a moment today, in the bathroom of all places (not some lofty hill with a view or a retreat in an exotic location) after mulling over just a few things that pulled together what I've been struggling with for years.

So I'm all fired up.  I can still DO all those other things I love, but the calling is to WRITE, WRITE, WRITE!!!!  ....and I don't mean replies on Facebook or comments in the online news (two habits that are my kryptonite!).  What did I DO before the computer came into my life?  I wrote songs, played music, painted and made detailed illustrations, wrote a book, journaled all the time, and had adventures OUT IN THE WORLD.

So I celebrate this AH-HA with writing in my blog TODAY, RIGHT NOW.

I am hereby holding myself accountable to NOT DRIFT FROM THIS AGAIN as I have done too many times. It's time to #BeTheException