Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Blog A Day: Day 16

Evening Time

Between the worlds of light and dark, our sphere rolls us from a hot late spring day into the coolness of the evening.  My favorite times are those between lightness and the dark, be it sun up or sun down.

Day 3 of the walk was certainly not without challenge.  Not being on the ice in my skates for several months, and out taking a simple 1 mile walk on a country road, my left knee decided to scream for attention without having an injurious event occur.
I was also up the entire night with the puppy who, as it turns out, has a bacterial infection and THAT carries with it diarrhea of the worst and most profuse kind.  Every hour throughout the night I had to let him out, and that one brief interval where slumber overtook me, he went by the door to go out and couldn't wait for me to realize it and let him out.

At 4 a.m. I am cleaning the worst mess which, luckily is on my bamboo floor and not my wool carpet.  Poor little baby.  We went to a friend's last Friday and he found some running water to play in, and before I could scoop him out, he took a big long drink of it and I yelled, "NOOOOOOO, giardia!!!!!!"  As I had a bout of that with my standard when she was a wee pup and it almost killed her before it was properly diagnosed, I could just sense this was going to happen.  My amazing dogtor at Sierra Animal Wellness Clinic and Chayla, her tech, did the tests and diagnosis.  Cheyana is clear thankfully.  Puppy Easton is now on antibiotics, had a shot and a syringe full of a medication by mouth to restore gut health.  The little guy is a fighter, unlike my standard, and to 'pill him' is going to be no simple feat.

So in an almost hallucinatory state from sleep deprivation and the constant activity of cleaning him up, the walk tonight was a true challenge.  BUT, we are up for the challenge and the walk IS beautiful.  The screaming knee was wrapped for support, and I will begin doing my former physical therapy exercises for both knees that I did awhile back.

I'm playing Solfeggio frequencies for digestive tract healing for both poodles as we settle in for a peaceful evening.

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Day 2 Walk Challenge/Day 14 Writing Challenge

Day 2 Brisk Walk / 14 Blogs

Great morning for the first walk with the puppy, as Cheyana's elbow injury/condition prohibits her from even a short walk these days.  My route is a lovely dirt road with long, gentle grades so I get a good cardio and a bit of a sweat going.  The destination is a shaded, historic wooden bridge over a fast running creek.  It couldn't be a better walk out in nature except for perhaps by the ocean.

Little Easton not only keeps up, but wants to run, something I'll work up to doing, but currently, a brisk walk is my level.  Breathology work during the walk, inhaling the energy of the trees and exhaling any stresses.  Life is good.

Yesterday's walk was without the pup, and not near as much fun, for as says, "it's more fun to walk/run with a friend" - and human's best friend, the canine, is a noble companion.

After grandson Jaxon's baseball game last night, I was behind a county Sheriff who was turning onto the freeway and noticed his clipboard on the roof of his SUV, paper flapping.  When he entered the freeway it slid off onto the road and he didn't notice this.  As we were in the right lane, I was able to pull off and run back to retrieve it.  The department's building is close to my neighborhood so I was able to drive there and leave it with a sheriff in the parking lot.  He chuckled and said he thought he knew who's it was and thanked me.  My good deed after a busy day in service to the grandchildren - to & fro school pick ups, driving another contact lens to the eldest in the middle of the day and ending the day with the baseball game. Good thing the day started with a great meditation and the first walk of the 90 day challenge.

I remember the days of my own single mothering years, reflecting and realizing why I never seemed to be able to get any idea for a business off the ground.  A child frequently needs something brought to school after they're already dropped off, or forgets something on the way to school, causing a turn around and in my case, being late and subsequently fired from jobs for having to retrieve the child's homework or some other thing they forgot.  

Single parenting is, in my opinion, one of the most challenging paths one can trek in this life.  I am now a single grandparent, and so thankful that both my daughters raise their own children; unlike so many my age who's adult children for one reason or another have left this responsibility to their parent(s).  I couldn't IMAGINE being a full time grandmother/parent, although, if the situation called for it through some tragedy, I would rise to the occasion.  

My 'next door' granddaughter, Ruby told me recently, "Ima, you're like my other parent, like a dad, because you're the one that helps mom raise us and you're always here for us."  That sure touched my heart, but then again, children, grandchildren, old dogs and puppies all have that magical ability to touch the heart.