Saturday, March 5, 2016


The Blessings of Choice

Taking responsibility for one's own life and consequences of one's own actions without blaming or judging others or oneself is probably the most difficult of paths to walk in the human experience.

I am not holier than thou, or better than anyone else. I have simply chosen to take responsibility for the events that occurred in my life from my choices. Many choices were made in youth that had a rippling effect over my entire life. Some choices and effects of my 'filter system of perception' are actually handed down in the DNA & aren't mine at all, yet I house them and before having awareness of this phenomenon, thought it was "all me" - I still take responsibility for perceptions/actions/choices that are from the cellular level, aka "inherited" as this is another form of expansion of what is bigger than each of us individually, and is rather for the expansion of the collective of humanity, of which we are all part and all one within.

Hence, those that choose to live lives blaming everyone, everything for their dis-ease of free will misuse, I do not judge, but am here to tell you - maybe you should try something different, for after all, how's that working out for you? How's that working out for your children? Is your life filled with joy and are you teaching the higher road available to all humans through your example, or are you beating the ever tiresome drum of "how not to be" by your example and leaving a path of emotional destruction to yourself and others?

With so much information available, so many modalities of healing, so many avenues of wisdom at our fingertips, all it takes is a choice to refine your trajectory.

My father called me a "tramp" when I was still a virgin.
My mother hated all her children when they reached puberty, before that she was a doting, attentive and incredibly loving mother.
Both my children's fathers abandoned their children, one because he chose his addiction over family, the other because he and his family chose ego and blame over responsibility. This turned out to be a blessing, for to have had either of them in my life would have added conflict.

I got to make the choice to raise my daughters with the power of prayer, the knowledge of being part of a Divine creation that was bigger than an individual, organic foods, self-empowerment and being true to oneself. To not judge and to look for the cloud's silver lining, even if it DID mean comparing ourselves to people in war torn countries, for there were some mornings I had to count the blessing to my children that "at least no one is shooting at us" - so take heed, dear ones.....LIFE IS SHORT.

What are you teaching by the way that you are being? Are you being the reflection of the Divine force that is the creator of all there is? If not, it's not too late to start. Yogananda said, "as long as there is breath in the body, there is hope for enlightenment" - or something like that. One does not have to "attain enlightenment" in the yogic sense to be a good example to their children.

Are you teaching harmony and the power within or are you teaching what life is like when you choose discord, disharmony, dis-ease, dis-loyalty and dis-regard for other life forms?
Blessings on your trajectory, and prayers for your choice to experience the higher road.