Wednesday, September 17, 2014


So it seems I was right in the middle of an enthusiastic pursuit of the childhood figure skating dream, writing on the blog about the spiritual and physical expansion of this experience when POW!!!!!!  I dropped out.  In reality, I didn't drop out, but prioritized those dreams into work-able order.

My second revision of "THE CHE DIARIES" was in process when I began the skating pursuit.  Coupled with that pesky resistant right skate, then the skating collision, there was a shift in my resonant field, and I had to focus on the work that it takes to get this book launched.  I miss skating, and tomorrow in fact I go in for a final skate adjustment, but these past weeks, my web-master, co-creative partner and I have scheduled studio time to "GET 'ER DONE!"  And getting 'er done is what we are fact this moment as I write this, beside me sits Sir Wizard working feverishly on the new website exclusively for the book, linking it to my existing website as his lovely wife, Shirl Spencer puts the images on and organizes the NEW blog that will also be called "THE CHE DIARIES"....Robbi is working like a madman and I'm detecting steam coming out of his eyeballs.

I cannot imagine pushing as many buttons as he does in the timing in which he pushes them, each push correlating to a specific task that if I just follow for one moment, my head spins.  I am in heaven here in the studio as when I'm on the ice, except I don't fall, collide with ice dancers or bust my ass. It also requires no padding for the various body parts that need protecting as I pursue the skating dream.

So, SHORTLY, folks, friends, family and fans, you will receive the link to the place on Amazon where you can order the beautiful new edition of the upgraded, sharpened up and amazing book that was my actual experience which expanded my spirit, my life, my vision...which has given me the umph to pursue not one, but ALL my dreams.  It has opened me up to the purpose of my life, and Robbi & Shirl Spencer here at SE Studios, with all their knowledge, love for and belief in me, are making every dream I have into a tangible form that I can share with you all.

Soon I will link you all up with the many productions that are created by this dynamic duo and my best friends and family, Robbi & Shirl Spencer, two very talented, kind and loving angels in my life.  So stay tuned!!!!