Saturday, July 26, 2014


The Outer Edge
Yesterday's skate was a bigger AH-HA than the one before, and it is my intention for each AH-HA to be greater than the last.  Starting to just override any balance/falling fear issues is liberating me and I'm  simply having more fun.  I'm fucking PUSHING it with each session.

I dared to crossover with the left over right.  This is similar to picking up a pen and writing with your non dominant hand and come up with something more than the scribble of a pre-schooler.  I dared myself to put that foot over the other one.  The session was just more fun, the mood of everyone more jovial than usual, or maybe it was just ME having more fun and less fear.....FINALLY.

The 'other' Jane who coaches, gave me the best tip - on how to turn my body into the circle, thereby "committing to the outer edge" - when I tried this with my crossover, I FELT THE COMMITMENT, I FELT the outer edge of that skate as never before.....I leaned INTO it as never before and voile` - I didn't fall over!!!!!!  This was a glorious moment for me, and despite the Zamboni firing up it's monstrous noise signifying everyone OFF THE ICE AT ONCE, I just HAD to experience this a couple of more times.

I am usually the last one off the ice anyway, but this time, I was exhilarated more than ever upon my exit.  This time also, my little granddaughter, Savannah was with me, all bundled up with blanket, my pink fluffy socks and a sack full of treats.  She ate the whole time and made friends with Brooklynn, a sweet girl of 11 who skates, her mom Jennifer is a hoot and quite an impressive skater.

For one who has decided to make no commitments to any other human, it is lovely to make a commitment to the outside edge of my beautiful black Harlick skates, which I fall more deeply in love with every time I put them onto my bare feet.  

When asked if I will start my granddaughter skating, I say, "No, this sport is FOR ME!!!!  If they want to skate, their mother can take them."  

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Oh the deliciousness of the ice!  Putting my bare feet into those resplendent black Harlicks is the beginning of the icegasm.  Yesterday, I decided en route to the rink that I WAS GOING TO HAVE AN AH-HA BREAKTHROUGH, DAMNIT!!!!!.....and so I did!

The freestyle sessions had few people and much ice space.  Ooooooh, I like this!  I did a late afternoon session which is not usual for me, two sessions actually, because once I get down there and all padded up, one session is simply NOT ENOUGH!

I did the infamous crossover - which to any skater may sound quite elementary, and to any non-skater it's no big deal when they're used to only watching the Olympians do impossibly daring feats with the ease of eating pudding (vanilla with rasberries on top)   But to ME......this is huge.  I've been practicing this for a long time, and also standing still doing them without gliding, to FEEL the weight shift with ease from left to right foot, to FEEL the edges of the blades and most of all, TO LOSE THE FEAR that's been an almost constant companion.

Not only did I finally 'take the plunge' - and I don't mean falling, I mean lifting that foot while gliding and crossing over.....but I was able to keep the right foot crossed over the left and glide THAT way!!!!  I did it with ease, did it with the FEEL of confidence that was evading me for so long.  I just kept thinking of the Olympians, seeing Meryl and all the others--thinking "look what THEY do.....I CAN DO THIS!!!"

Skating backwards is trickier.  I'm practicing doing a partial swizzle and keeping that foot off the ice while continuing the reverse glide on the one foot.  It is when I skate backwards that I've had my falls, but thankfully, the ICE HALO paid for itself 100 times over when my head bounced off what felt like a pillow, not hard ice, and no pain ensued (that was a different session, not last night).

I listened all the way down to the rink to the Mantra Music Robbi & I are creating in the studio, which is ethereal, amazing, beautiful and soul track is published, the other still has to have my violin track created and then the great mix, mastering and putting on the Sacred Grove Productions channel on You Tube.  We will be adding more of David Holeman's visionary artwork for the viewing pleasure of all.  The vibration of his amazing artwork resonates with this music.

I put this in because my sense is that listening to these tracks that were born originally from my inspiration playground, then created with my wizard-genius co-creative partner, Robbi Spencer - put my beingness in a place of ease, and that ease stayed with me on the ice.  Bestowing EASE is one of the intentions of this musical gift I am sharing with the world.

Here's the link to hear this in case you haven't already, fellow beings of life, love and verve:

Well, it's off to the ice for this gal, for more AH-HA moments and great icegasms are calling me!!!!!!   

Monday, July 7, 2014


The Chronicles of a Figure Skater UP & COMING!!!!

I am writing from a body with every muscle deliciously worked to the max from today's 3 hour skate, non stop except for one break to eat fried mozzarella sticks.

Diligently practicing the 'homework' my guru coach, Jayne gave me during my last lesson some time ago, progress has been made, and I didn't want to receive another lesson until I made some actual progress on all she gave me to work with.


I like to skate up in SLC when I've completed the healing sessions I travel up there to give.  I decided this last time to go to the Freestyle session (the one for serious skaters), I've done these sessions down in Roseville, but none so far in SLC.  WELL.......this is where those skaters you see in HUGE competitions, aka "the Olympics" - world competitions, nationals, etc. come to practice and receive coaching.  And the rink was FULL of them!!!!  I saw a young man in the best physical shape I've ever seen anyone ever.  His shirt had the Olympic logo on the shoulder with "Austria" atop the logo.  This wasn't one of those souvenir olympic shirts a spectator buys - this was a guy from the Austrian Olympic team.  He was ice dancing with a young lady and I was in awe at being on the same ice with them.  There were about five coaches out giving instructions to teenagers who are seriously determined to be champions.  I was the only one out there wearing an Ice Halo, I was the oldest (this group were ALL under 20, collagen plumped, rosy cheeked and accomplished skaters) and I was COMPLETELY INTIMIDATED!!!!!!!  It took all that was in me to not bolt out of the place.  It was the first time I felt like a dork in my ice halo.  Others wore padding, but only on their hips and it was hidden beneath cute little skirts, they were practicing triple axels and jumps with names I still don't know the scope of.

I hung in there and kept close to the wall and just practiced my T-stops (it may look easy, but it's quite a feat to do a smooth stop!) - they were safe enough - I didn't dare practice anything in reverse as my goal was to stay upright and stay out of everyone's way.  I once removed myself from the ice, exasperated, and texted my coach at home in a panic telling her where I was and how intimidated I felt.  I practiced my balancing skills and working that right foot imperfection out so my blade becomes silent and smooth (it still isn't).  I hung in there and lo and behold.....the sound of the Zamboni starting up to resurface the ice signifying the session's end was music to my ears.  I sat and re-laced my skates after adding a third bandaid to yet another toe on that pesky right foot.  One of the nice young skaters said, "you're staying for the next session?" - surprised at my stamina.  None of the others stayed.

The second session had far less people and was way more relaxed.  I was also more relaxed and felt rather triumphant in a humble way that I indeed survived that ordeal without mishap - a trial by fire on ice.  I passed.  Yay!  I made friends with a coach, Lisa after she played a few notes of the David Garrett piece I've been choreographing my skating routine to for several months now....she only played a few measures of it while she was looking for something else.  I heard that and I knew I'd not only be OK, but felt a warm glow embellish my being.  I skated over and talked with her, and told her about that piece being what I will skate to when I'm testing for a medal.  She applauded my determination and we talked music...turns out she played violin her whole life and then had to choose between violin and figure skating.  She chose figure skating and was glad of it.  She'd played violin since she was 3!!  She also told me I should come up to the Adult Nationals this fall and compete.  She also added with a little chuckle of relief after the first hectic session, "I was a little worried about you out there!"  She is indeed a kindred spirit.  I gave her my Bliss Ball card, the current key to my website.  This was my first initiation that I passed with I'd say, flying colors.  I felt gutsy, brave, and like I had indeed grown a set of balls any man would envy!  Lil ol' me out there all padded up with an ice halo, skating with the champions!

INITIATION #2:   Today in Roseville 

Two falls, no injuries.  I have been making progress going in reverse and picking up one foot after a swizzle.  Sound easy?  It is NOT.  I did get to finally test the knee pad and can write that review RED SWAN would like to get from me on their product.  I did my first graceful fall.  Knee first, then collapse down onto my left hip and enough of a slide to get a frosty arse.  The women applauded my graceful fall and I applauded that I was not only NOT hurt, but I succeeded in addressing my biggest fear:  FALLING.  After this 2 hour skate, I took a break while they resurfaced the ice and went out for a 45 minute freestyle session to the warnings from two ladies saying after a break, one can have accidents, so "do be careful".  Ice buttery smooth, henceforth warned and shifting those words to not put fear into me.  So there I am practicing that reverse skate with the foot up after a swizzle and down I go.  I can now write a review on the ICE HALO, as I landed right smack on the back of my head - the exact site of my first concussion my very first time on the ice months back. was like landing on a pillow!!!!  The HALO bounced my head softly, saving me from the impact of the hard ice on my skull and I got up with no repercussions AT ALL.  Now, it may be that my wrist guards also kicked into protective mode as I didn't go from upright to on my head - but as they worked so well also, there were no spots that sustained any injury in the least from kissing the ice with various body parts on the way down.

INITIATIONS PASSED WITH FLYING COLORS, I'd say!!!!  Now I must add that my entire body feels completely, deliciously WORKED.  Like running a marathon after being a couch potato with no training whatsoever.  But it feels amazing:  I love the soreness of muscles when they are coming alive, being sculpted into form and tone that will result in being a physical masterpiece.  I already feel like a masterpiece.......but this is ONLY THE BEGINNING FOLKS!!!!!  I'll go from swizzles to spins and from being grateful for not busting my butt to being grateful as I bow to accept that medal on the podium someplace, sometime.  The win, though, is second to the feeling I have in my imagination of me gliding and swirling on the ice, dancing to beautiful music and being a living art-form in my sexy black Harlick skates.

Stay tuned for the continuing adventures of my becoming the most accomplished skater in the shortest amount of recorded time!!!