Monday, May 20, 2019


Sunshine Monday

Yesterday's RANT BLOG (I have several blog spots)  fulfilled the purpose of RELEASING the dark energy of the awful mood and depression I'd been hosting for too long.  It did feed on itself, eating my life. This was on the aspect of my productivity on the OUTSIDE, but on the INSIDE, despite feel flatlined, I was mining the gold of this state of mind, introspecting, going even deeper into my spiritual expansion and lifetime quest to "know thyself"- - seeking the solution by having repeatedly asked this guest of darkness WHY it was hanging around and WHAT was it's message. One can practice mindfulness even in a depressed state, and this state has a lot to teach the one feeling it.  I knew it was a time for inspired action, but I could not summon inspiration OR action, no matter how many attempts I had made, and I made MANY!

When my eldest daughter, my beloved next door neighbor called me and heard the flatness of my voice, she decided to come right over and continue the work of 'organizing & re-arranging' my entire living space she started the day before.

I live in a beautiful country setting that is a writer/artist's paradise, and although I'm a natural at these two crafts, I suck at interior design no matter how much I read about feng shui and attempt to apply this wisdom.  The cabin has a tricky lay-out to work with.  It was set up to accommodate me sitting on my butt, sinking into the loveseat and wasting my life online.  I had zero inspiration, as yesterday's RANT blog depicted clearly.  I was overwhelmed at any attempts to do this work myself.  My house was in a state of 'fuck shui' not feng shui.

It took all day, and I got great footage of Brandy working her magic.  Ruby, her 10 year old was a great assistant, making us lunch, being cheerful and helping move small things.  I watched (and helped) feeling my life transform. The darkness dissolved and in it's place excitement and inspiration came out like the sun breaking through a prolonged dark, stormy sky.

My cabin feels way more spacious, everything is cleaned, de-cluttered and re-organized.  I sit writing my first blog at my newly placed desk formerly in the other room piled with 'stuff to do'. It is now perfectly placed for me to gaze upon my kingdom that is my sanctuary which transformed into my creative studio.  

Cheyana, my standard poodle loves it too, because there's infinitely more space for her.

This is the full moon in scorpio time, which accentuates death and rebirth.  I used the fuel of my anger and frustration at how stagnant I felt, which was reflective in the interior placement of furniture, and how claustrophobic it made me feel, to ATTRACT the solution - namely, my very busy daughter to spend an entire weekend shifting both her energy by helping and my energy to feel worthy of someone to come over and gift me the exact thing my soul was crying out for. Death to stagnation, rebirth of MY LIFE & INSPIRATION!

I woke up this morning and as I opened my eyes, I SMILED!!!!  I saw my beautiful cabin arranged  perfectly, inviting me out of bed to begin my day with a lightness I've not known in a very long time.

I shan't be on FB except to post this, as I've got some actual LIVING & CREATING to do!!!

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