Friday, May 31, 2019

DAY 11 of 30 Day Writing Challenge


I have successfully written a blog a day for 11 days of my 30 day challenge!  One day I missed due to being off-line, and wrote two the next day.  Last night, as I began to write, the internet went out during an electrical storm, so this will be the first of TWO blogs today.  My literary line is flowing!

Life seems to be flowing on a higher vibration since my daughter Brandy came over and re-arranged my furniture to create the right feng shui flow.  I've written about this already, and won't repeat the entire story, but am just reiterating that 12 days later, the flow is still going and it's only picking up momentum.

As I watch Darren Hardy's "Darren Daily" mentoring - which are 5-7 minute morning talks that are always uplifting and gives new ideas or helps us remember good ones we forgot or drifted from, he has given a 90 day challenge of running one mile per day starting Monday for 90 days.  I deliberated over this, but decided to do it.  This will automatically increase my 30 day writing challenge to extend out 90 days and write each day the difference this daily run will make.

I've plotted my course in my car, and it's exactly 1/2 mile from a place off road to park my car to the wooden bridge that a creek runs beneath.  It's on a dirt road in the woods and it will also be a great 'hit' of nature.  I live OUT in nature, but running out in it will increase the 'vibe' and I'm rather excited to start.

I'm on Day 4 of using my timer to extend my time jumping and running in place on my rebounder.  I set it for 5 minutes, which may not sound like much, but before using the timer, I'd just stop when I got tired which was probably no more than 3 minutes.  So I'm pre-training for the run.  I also do stretches every morning and roll out on my "Bliss Balls" ( working that spine, hips and shoulders every day BEFORE that first cup of coffee.  And.....I've gone from two cups of morning coffee to just one.  I'm on a roll to strengthen my entire body so when I get back on the ice, I have something to work with!

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