Tuesday, May 28, 2019


Cheyana Did So Well !!

We had a really successful, new experience.  Hanging out in the courthouse where juveniles and their parents waited to be called into court.  It was her first ever elevator ride - which she did well considering the strangeness of going into a little cubicle and feel it move.  Then we went to the area and although not many people were there initially, those that were appreciated having dogs to pet and ease their stress.

I was reticent about going, being so sensitive to energies of people, and Cheyana being so sensitive to MY energy.....but it was low key, everyone was kind.  I'm told by my tester/observer that there used to be fights and high stress but since they've been bringing in therapy dogs, no episodes of this nature have occurred.  

Cheyana enjoyed everyone's attention and I could read the people that would not want to pet a dog and could easily keep her from going near them.  But the sweet teenage boys there with their parents really appreciated my girl's attention.  As more & more people showed up, I took Cheyana and approached them asking if they'd like to pet the dog & introduced her.  Doing that once or twice, I sensed it was time to leave, as the seating was needed and I didn't want to keep going up to the same people.  Tomorrow we go to our final test/observation meeting at an elder care facility I am familiar with from taking my elder friend there for holiday dinner a couple of years ago...then we'll be ready to receive certification papers after my observer submits everything.

My WHITE Board

My eldest daughter suggested I get a white board.  She lives by hers with all the organizing she needs to do.  Running a business, household business and listing duties for the children and herself, it's indispensable.  I bought one sized for my own needs (hers is pretty darn big!) and low odor colored pens - I love to color code EVERYTHING.  Well....this was my first day using it.  I listed things on it that needed to be done that were swimming in my head for days, but once on the white board.....it was out of my head and magically ALL completed.  I highly recommend a white board to everyone.  With my desk area all set up and a white board - doing a blog a day is easy!!!  I also now set my timer for mornings on the rebounder and time spent on social media, and I am so much more productive!  I'm sure I will sleep better tonight having what was on my mind's to do list out and on the white board!!!

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